About Us
Gravel Roads' music is a flavor of traditional country (and a gentle taste of blues) bringing an original sound to a unique set of songs. Our original song lyrics are intended to inspire and bring hope during both the good and bad times and are rooted in life experience. Along with our original music, we also perform cover music in the same vein as our own traditional country style and sound. Our show performance is family friendly, entertaining, polished, and professional.

- A Brief History

As a guitar duo, Jeff and Jim have been writing songs and performing together for over 30 years.
Forming officially as Gravel Roads, they competed in the state finals of the 2012 Texaco Country Showdown, and in the summer of 2013 opened for Bobby Bare at the Midwest Country Theater. They then released the self-produced CD project Gravel Roads in October, 2013 after spending much of the year in the studio. They have also produced music videos using the CD tracks, 'Gravel Roads' (2014), 'I'll Be Fine' (2015), and 'Grateful To The Lord' (2016).

Tom joined Gravel Roads in the spring of 2013. Cory is the band's drummer and joined the group in the spring of 2017.

Meet The Band

Jeff is the lead song writer and his lyrics are always hopeful and provoke oneself to look for answers in this life with spirit, soul, and heart...yet the words and music remain simple and uncomplicated. Jeff has been writing songs and playing guitar for over 25 years inspired as a young boy while listening to his dad play guitar and sing the old-time country and western music that spawned his own traditional country sound and melodies.
Jeff Pasbrig
Lead Vocals, acoustic guitar
Jim picked up his first guitar in 1972 while serving in the US Navy. He was involved with several cover bands playing classic rock and original music in the early years and has been playing with church worship teams for over 25 years. His self-taught style is strongly influenced by the great blues guitarists he grew up listening to (Duane Allman, Johnny Winter, John Mayall, etc.) and transferring that style to the arrangements in Gravel Roads’ music brings back that traditional country guitar tone and melody that adds to the simplicity of their sound.
Jim Mellor
 Vocals, lead electric guitar
Tom is originally from Duluth, MN. In his late teens he was introduced to the world of making music, and after high school, hit the road full time touring the upper Midwest and Canada with his rock'n roll comrades. Tom accepted the Lord in his early 50's (it's 'Never Too Late'), and began sharing his gift on several worship teams around northern Minnesota. He can also be found playing fund raisers and benefits with a group of fellow musicians that gather on occasion from all across the country .
Tom House
Cory began playing the drums while in 6th grade and continued through high school drumming with several rock bands during that time. Following a decade of time off from the music scene, he began playing with several contemporary worship teams and became a fixture behind the drumkit for many years while polishing his skills as a drummer. After a short break and being familiar with Gravel Roads, the band asked if he would be interested in joining…the rest is history. Cory brings a polished steady style and is excited to again be performing live shows.
Cory Loger